10 Days Of SEO Tips: #1 – The Title Tag

You’re probably wondering what the title tag is for a start. The title tag contains a description of the content on a page and it is displayed in your browser at the top of your screen. e.g.

Your title tag should contain a series of keyphrases that are relevant to the main content displayed on your page.

So if you’re selling truck tyres on a page on your website then you title tag should look something like this:

<title>Truck tyres, truck tires, semi tyres - Mike's Mechanical Spares</title>

A common mistake in search engine optimisation is that web designers will put the companies name first on all pages across a site. e.g.

<title>Mike's Mechanical Spares - Truck tyres, truck tires, semi tyres</title>

In this example Google would read the word “Mike’s” first then check to see how many other times “Mike’s” is mentioned on the page because Google assumes that the first words in the title page are the most important.

Change your title tag!

You need to change your title tag to reflect the content on each page. If you’re using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal then there are plugins and components that can be installed to provide you with additional fields so that you can manually adjust the title tag as well as some other options. If you have a customised website then you will need to manually adjust the title tag.