Pick Up The Phone!

In all honesty, if your business is not getting the results you want, there is one thing you can do right now, without question, that will help your business in leaps and bounds.

Pick up the phone!


Talk to previous customers that you have done business with. Talk to your current customers. Talk to customers that enquired or stopped purchasing 3 ,6, 9 or even 12 months ago but chose not to go ahead. Whoever it may be, human contact can go a long way in helping you succeed.

Now this may seem hypocritical given the fact we are an internet company that advocates maximising online sales and your online presence in general. We believe there are a lot the wonders the internet can do to help your business, but that is just one aspect of your business. Today I want to write about connecting the online with the offline as it is not something that happens automatically.

If you are aren’t getting the sales you want or if people have stopped picking up the phone to call you, then simply pick up the phone and call them! At Sennza, our mission is to make the internet a better place. We do this by making amazing websites that customers love to use and that business owners can update easily without our assistance. So if I come across a website that I believe should be doing a better job for that company, I pick up the phone and call them. There aren’t any hard selling tactics or even a call script. I introduce myself in simple and caring terms, tell them what I like about their website and how I think I can help them make it even better! Just asking are they happy with the results they are currently getting from their website can be enough sometimes. If you do this in a way that is non salesy and adopt an approach that is genuine, you will show that you actually want to help them! You can’t go wrong with this approach no matter what business you are in.

Now there are a few key rules you need to follow to make this work.

To start with:

  • It must be a customer that can gain substantially from working with you.
  • You have to genuinely believe that they will be better off as a result of working with you.

Notice I didn’t say pick up the phone book and start at A then work your way through to Z! That wont help your business, or the people you speak with!

If you don’t believe that you can truly help this customer, you truly have no business in talking to them. Period! Now if they decline to take the conversation any further, that’s fine, it’s nothing personal, it just means that 1 extra person knows that your business exists and the world is a better place because of it! It might not be the right time for them, but in the future…you might potentially do business with them because they remember your business name!

Keep Surging!