The Twelve Days of WordPress

It’s been an amazing year for sennza. We’ve landed some fantastic clients, made some incredible websites in WordPress, created countless new plugins, started both the WordPress Brisbane and WordPress Sydney Meetup groups and had a ball…but let’s acknowledge the fact that we couldn’t have done it without the wonder that is WordPress!

So seeing it’s the festive season, I thought I’d celebrate by getting into the old ‘silly season’ vibe and doing ‘The Twelve Days of WordPress’ which will reflect the new additions we’ve had in WordPress 3.0 and the upcoming WordPress 3.1!

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SEO with WordPress

Below are the slides from my SEO with WordPress talk for the WordPress Brisbane meetup last week.

When I give a talk, I generally leave most of the text off the slides so people aren’t subjected to listening to me read straight of from the slides. I thought for this talk I would also post some notes to accompany.

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Is 3D TV leading to 3D Websites?

I’ll start with a quick confession; I’m not a television watcher, I never have been.

There I said it!

I guess I’ve never liked the concept of having content forced on you at a set time as well as having mostly irrelevant ads thrust upon you. In fact, I even threw out my TV on the weekend because it was taking up too much space in my flat. I figured that seeing I hadn’t turned it on in over six months then it might as well go to “Silicon Heaven“.

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