Is 3D TV leading to 3D Websites?

I’ll start with a quick confession; I’m not a television watcher, I never have been.

There I said it!

I guess I’ve never liked the concept of having content forced on you at a set time as well as having mostly irrelevant ads thrust upon you. In fact, I even threw out my TV on the weekend because it was taking up too much space in my flat. I figured that seeing I hadn’t turned it on in over six months then it might as well go to “Silicon Heaven“.

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I’d also like to note that I’m not from “Generation Z” aka the “Net Generation”. I grew up with my nose in books so I’m used to choosing my own content and that’s exactly what I do today.

That being said, I do pay attention to trends in technology. Lots of people are talking about 3D movies and 3D television at the moment and I can’t help but wonder when the web is going to be in 3D. Surely it’s only a matter of time until we’re wearing 3D glasses and experiencing the web in a new way right?

So where does that leave web designers?

I’m thinking that CSS4 (yeah, I know, CSS3 is taking long enough haha 🙂 ) is going to have to have some kind of a Z-axis and maybe someone can develop jQuery plugin that can add a red and blue offset on images so that websites can automatically have some “depth”.

I guess the other option I can envision is that 3D animators might end up being involved in the web design process in future. I guess they could be involved from the start or alternatively, they could be given a web site after it’s complete in 2D form then they add in the extra dimension.

Or maybe we will get another @media CSS property? So as web designers we might have to develop for web, mobiles, iPads, TV’s (Google TV) and then 3D monitors and 3D TV’s as well.

What are your thoughts? Am I thinking too far in the future or do you think this is something we should be jumping onto now and creating some standards for now?