The 2 Features I’d like to see in WordPress 4.0

With 3.9 well underway, coupled with the fact that “features as plugins” need to be ready at the start of release cycle, not during, my mind has started wondering what would make for good additions in WordPress 4.0

As Matt Mullenweg has said previously, 4.0 is just the next version after 3.9 and the version before 4.1, there shouldn’t be anything special about it. However, no matter what you say about it 4.0 is psychologically a big milestone for WordPress and it’s going to receive lots of attention regardless.

Now I must state that this is totally my own wish list, but if I could choose what features would make it into 4.0, I would choose 2, and only 2 features. These are the two I would choose and why:

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Welcome to Sennza 3.0

Today we are excited to present the 3rd incarnation of the Sennza website.

Sennza as a company has come along way in the past year, we have had a chance to work on some exciting projects with fantastic clients and in that regard our previous website was really letting us down. It did not do a good job of displaying the work we create and type of company we are. That changes today!

When we set out to redesign the Sennza website we decided to really get back to the “Sennza” philosophy and keeping things simple, discarding any thing on the site that was superfluous to our main goals.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 6.57.50 am

Google has officially released their Publisher Plugin (Beta) for WordPress. This beta version of plugin allows you to:

  • Easily add AdSense ads to your site to make money from advertising.
  • Verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just one click.

Sennza were approached to provide a code review for this plugin. The Google team have done an amazing job with the development and we look forward to future releases. This is the 2nd official WordPress plugin by Google that Sennza have been involved with, the first being Google App Engine for WordPress.

CMS Trends for 2014


Audrius Jankauskas, CEO and Co­Founder of ImpressPages wrote up his thoughts on CMS Trends for 2014 and it’s worth a read.

Interestingly, of the 160+ content management systems that tracks only 24% grew in market share. 76% remained the same or shrank.

WordPress seems set to continue on it’s growth trajectory as it has done over the last year, but what was interesting to me is that Joomla and Drupal (2nd and 3rd place after WordPress) had their overall percentage shrink. So much that Audrius predicts we could see a new comer in the top 3 CMS’s this year. We will have to wait to find out.

Please don’t use Captcha

Everyone has experienced the joy of trying to figure out exactly what the tiny distorted letter at the bottom of a web form say, only to find out that what they thought the letters spelt were not even close. Alternately, and my personal favourite, you can try hitting the refresh button several dozen times until you get one that is legible enough to attempt.

If you are still not sure, I am talking about CAPTCHA. These things:

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Why we no longer support IE7 & IE8 by default

One of the first questions we get from new clients is: “Why have you excluded optimisation for Internet Explorer 7 & 8 in the proposal?”

It’s a valid question, which is why we need to outline it specifically in all our proposals. With web design projects both the client and the web designers have to weigh up the pros and cons of what to include in a project versus the time and cost for those features.

Before I delve further into why this is not as big a deal as most people initially think, I want to provide you with some statistics on those 2 versions of Internet Explorer:

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WordPress Predictions for 2014

As it is the season for prediction posts, I’m going to try my hand at some predictions for WordPress and the WordPress ecosystem in 2014. These will be equal parts fun, guesstimates and  wishful thinking. So without further ado:

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WordPress is Getting a New Admin Design

WordPress development has been full steam ahead over the last few months. It was only October 24th that saw 3.7 released and now it looks like we can expect 3.8 toward the end of December. WordPress 3.8 is  a little different to other releases in that it’s changes are more visual, one of the headline features being a new admin design.

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