What is Design?

Design: The practical solution to a problem.

Mike Monteiro – Let’s Make Mistakes Podcast #23

In response to the the Obama campaign requesting designers to submit free work for the governments “Support American Jobs” campaign, Mike explains why design is so important.

If you define design as:

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TimThumb shoots, VaultPress saves!

Any of you who follow WordPress news sites or any WordPress geeks on Twitter will be well aware of the vulnerabilities that were found in the PHP image resizing script, TimThumb. TimThumb is being used in many free and premium WordPress themes so this vulnerability caused a bit of a stir around the place. I actually used the script on the current sennza WordPress theme because this theme was whipped up over 18 months ago very quickly and back then I hadn’t used WordPress inbuilt add_image_size which I’m using almost every day on clients sites these days.

Our blog uses VaultPress for backups and security and VaultPress were onto the vulnerability post haste. I’m often singing VaultPress’s praises on Twitter but I wanted to post on the record about just how amazing the VaultPress plugin and team are when it comes to backups and security! Read on to find out about yet another amazing VaultPress experience of mine!

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Why WordPress updates are a GOOD thing!

Every now and then we need to have a bit of a rant right? I know that it’s been proven to be healthy to release any negative energy in any format.

You could write a song, scream at the top of your lungs or blog about it…so I’m choosing the later! So it’s rant time in regards to WordPress updates and why they are a good thing! Because other CMS seem to think frequent updates are a bad thing…plus this rant will make me a healthier person cause I’ll release the negative energy and hopefully get my point across! :)

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Sennza gets naked for WordPress!

Warning: This post is gonna be stripped back and dirty. It’s an R18+ kind of post! It contains graphic nudity! If you can handle seeing WordPress 3.1 naked then read on…if you can’t then I’d suggest you search for a WordPress plugin that add’s clothes to this post! :)

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Sennza – 1 Year In


It’s hard to believe that Sennza as a business is only 12 months old. Whats even more exciting for me are the things that we have been able to accomplish in that small amount of time.

12 months ago I was writing about the reasons why we started Sennza, and all of those things still hold true.

I am a big advocate of celebrating the wins along the way, both the small and the big wins, so below is a list of what we have accomplished at Sennza in the last 12 months:

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5 Things People Don’t Say About Your Website

Warning! – You may find the following post humorous.

5. If only the font was a bit bigger!

Yes, It is great to be a perfectionist, and from time we too at Sennza can definitely fall into that category, but at the end of the day sometimes you need to step back and ask your self “Are people really going to care about that?”

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WordPress Predictions January 2011

We’re pretty close to the impending release of WordPress 3.1 and I do feel sorry for the stress that Matt, Jane and the whole WordPress team have been through for this release cycle! If you’ve been reading the emails on the WordPress Hackers mailing list and looking through the comments on Trac you would’ve know that there have been loads of people who have been hassling the team for new features and bug fixes but not enough people have been helping to contribute. (FYI: Check out this great post on contributing to WordPress on wpcandy.com). Lucky, Andrew Nacin has been a bit of a freak for this release and he’s worked incredibly hard on this release!

Anyways, putting that aside, I’m gonna put my nuts on the line with a few predictions for WordPress related things in January!

WordPress Predictions For January 2011

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WordCamp Melbourne 2011

WordCamp Melbourne is creeping up quickly! We’ve been very excited about this at sennza. For those of you who don’t know what a WordCamp is then we’ll give you a quick run down! WordCamps are a full weekend of WordPress people sharing information with each other over the course of two days.

WordCamp Melbourne 2001

WordCamps in America happen very frequently and they always get fantastic attendance which is probably due to both the population difference between Australian and American and also how much more accessible the distances are in the USA.

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