Mathew Hood Joins The Sennza Team

Hey everyone,

My name is Mat and I am proud to be the newest addition to the Sennza team.

I will start with a little bit about me. I am 22 years old and have a passion for Web Development. When I’m not behind the monitor, you will find me riding my bike or at the beach.

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SEO with WordPress

Below are the slides from my SEO with WordPress talk for the WordPress Brisbane meetup last week.

When I give a talk, I generally leave most of the text off the slides so people aren’t subjected to listening to me read straight of from the slides. I thought for this talk I would also post some notes to accompany.

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WordPress Brisbane

There are WordPress meetups and WordCamps happening all around the world yet there doesn’t appear to be anything in the Brisbane area. A few people have tried to start a WordPress meetup around the Brisbane and Gold Coast area but they’ve never taken flight from the looks of it so the partners at sennza have got together and have organised the first monthly WordPress meetup in Brisbane.


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Why We Started Sennza

For me personally, technology is something I’ve been passionate about since I was teenager. This all started when I first heard the digital buzz of a 14.4kbs modem connecting to the internet, way back in the days when you had to choose between being able to use the telephone or connecting to the internet, but never both.

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I’ve been watching the web change and evolve over the years as we increased our processor speeds and developed lighting fast internet connections. Some of the changes I’ve seen and others I’m not so passionate about. In the last five years I kept arriving at websites and not being able to find the information or products was very frustrating for me as an end user. I saw the potential to make a change to these sites and decided that I would find some like minded thinkers and form a business based around our ideas.

Our goal is two fold:

I see a lot of ugly websites on the internet today, cluttered and unusable, and as someone who spends an unnatural amount of time on the internet this affects me greatly. There are so many SME websites that just don’t represent the company and what they stand for. More often than not their website is left unattended and left for dead, and in a world where a customer’s research methods for finding what they want have been whittled down to a Google search and a few mouse clicks. You need to make sure that your website gets the attention it requires and in return you will end up with increased leads and sales. Our first goal is to work with you to rethink, redesign and get results.

The internet does much more than just let us find information and view pretty pictures, it has allowed us to become more efficient. Both with our time and resources. This wasn’t always the case, and it still isn’t in many cases. In my previous roles I have had the opportunity to talk with thousands of small business owners across Australia. So I like to think I have a good understanding of the constraints that most businesses face. Often the sales, marketing and finance departments of small companies are a one man band to begin with, and even as these companies grow, the recent economic recession has given us a swift reminder that we always need to be looking for ways to do more with less. There many ways that the internet can help us automate our business processes. This is where our second goal comes into play, we are here to help many businesses use technology as a helper, not a hindrance.

So through combining simplicity in design with ROI for businesses we hope to show that web designers can do more than make your website look beautiful and functional but actually help to improve and grow your business!