To Train Or Not To Train Your Staff?

I have worked at both great, and not so great companies. For me, one of the defining differences of a great company is their attitude to the training and the development of their staff.

When I was first given the opportunity to hire my own staff as a Sales Manager, I read somewhere that you either pay good money for good talent, or you choose to pay less but invest in your staff. For me I always chose to invest in my staff. This wasn’t because I was trying to be cheap (and this doesn’t work for every role, sometimes you need to hire for talent), I was creating a sales team and for me creating a culture was the number one priority. I felt the best way to do this was to start with off with a clean slate and train every one with great habbits.

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Do You Punish Or Reward Your Customers?

Why companies insist on punishing their loyal customers that they depend on I’ll never understand. Whats more, they do it over and over and again and expect them to come back to them.

This vent is against so called “fees” that business like to use to punish their customers. The fees I want to focus on are the ‘late fees’ that are synonomus with the video rental industry. It is their bread and butter that they reply on and the extra income that comes from this is a large percentage of their revenues, yet they understand to some extent that customers will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying that extra $1 fine.

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Pick Up The Phone!

In all honesty, if your business is not getting the results you want, there is one thing you can do right now, without question, that will help your business in leaps and bounds.

Pick up the phone!


Talk to previous customers that you have done business with. Talk to your current customers. Talk to customers that enquired or stopped purchasing 3 ,6, 9 or even 12 months ago but chose not to go ahead. Whoever it may be, human contact can go a long way in helping you succeed.

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Where Do Customers Go To Find Out About Your Business?

Gone are the days were we would look up a business in the yellow pages or a local directory.

Our first point of call is the internet for all out research.

On a recent holiday I took to Cairns I asked a work colleague for advice on what to do and see while there. This was the reply I got. It struck me overwhelmingly just how much of our decisions are now made through the internet, and just how disadvantaged businesses who do not have an online presence have become.


Here is the email that was sent to me:

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