Featured Book : Accounting


This book is being used at: Australian Catholic University, Swinburne University, Victoria Uni Wellington, University of South Australia, Deakin University

The tenth edition of Accounting is a must-have resource for students who want to succeed and develop a rich foundation of knowledge in the area of Accounting. Designed for students of all levels the new edition will provide you with an introductory but comprehensive description of the purpose, practice and process of contemporary international financial and management accounting in an Australian context. With the increased emphasis on the globalisation of business the content covered throughout this resource is ideal for the study of introductory accounting in a broad international context.

Written by an author team of experienced academics and researchers, led by John Hoggett, each chapter is engaging and highlights key concepts. The new edition features unique videos from high-profile practitioners to provide you with insights into the real-world application of accounting.

Delivered as a full colour printed textbook with an interactive eBook code included, this title enables you to master concepts and succeed in assessment by taking the roadblocks out of self-study, with features such as videos, case studies, interactives and revision materials embedded at throughout the textbook that are designed to get the most out of learning.

Book Features:

Hear from Practitioners: Exclusive videos from high-profile practitioners at PwC provide insights into the real-world application of accounting.
Embedded Rich Media: Demo problems, interactive questions and other rich media are embedded throughout the text.
Revision Modules: Revision materials are integrated throughout to help students engage with, understand and retain course concepts.
Decision-Making Focus: Hoggett’s 10th edition builds upon previous editions technical skills with a strong focus on decision-making.

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