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If you want to explain digital media, you would say that the electronic media that work on digital codes and served across online news format is called digital news media. If you think this definition is more technical, we can say in other words that the online news media is the future of many things, such as marketing, advertisement, exchange of information, communication media, etc. It is changing the concept of marketing, advertising, and the way information is displayed and accessed.

You can also refer digital news media to the electronic or online media that is becoming our necessity now, such as cellular phones, compact discs, internet, digital video, minidisc, computer, e-Commerce, e-book, television, video games, and many other interactive media. They can be called online media since they have the ability to store information in electronic way. Among them, internet is the most powerful one.

Internet offers great flexibility and ease of use. We can store pictures, audio and video material, graphics, and rich text. The growing use of internet and the great advantages it offers are no secret for anyone.

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