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Shengsi Hosts the 4th Ocean Games in Zhejiang Province

ZHOUSHAN, China, June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This summer, the 4th Zhejiang Ocean Games were grandly held on the picturesque island of Shengsi, attracting over 7,000 marine sports enthusiasts from across the country. Spanning from May to June, this month-long competition has significantly boosted attention towards Zhejiang’s burgeoning marine economy and island tourism.

Shengsi Hosts the 4th Ocean Games in Zhejiang Province
Shengsi Hosts the 4th Ocean Games in Zhejiang Province

On May 18th, the Ocean Games kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony themed “Sailing to the Sea.” The event seamlessly blended sports, tourism, and island leisure, offering participants not only the thrill of marine sports, but also a deep dive into the local marine culture.

The competition featured 15 diverse events focusing on the beach, island circuit as well as the sea itself, including cycling, trail walking, beach volleyball/soccer/tug of war/frisbee, sailing, sea fishing, surfing, paddle boarding and open water swimming.

This year, the Games fully leveraged Shengsi’s abundant marine resources, introducing new Olympic sports such as kiteboarding and coastal rowing sprints. These additions aligned the event more closely with international standards. Furthermore, as a comprehensive ocean sports event combining competitive sports with national fitness activities, the organizing committee included accessible and entertaining events like beach volleyball, island trail walking, and paddle boarding. Also included, as a demonstration event, was the Olympic Sport of kite surfing with their kites providing a colourful backdrop to the marvellous opening ceremony.

Zhoushan, the host venue, is home to Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, the largest port in the Far East and the world’s leading port for cargo throughput for 14 consecutive years. Positioned at the nexus of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, it connects over 600 ports across the world in more than 190 countries and regions. Hosting the Ocean Games in Zhoushan, a major comprehensive sports event in Zhejiang Province, highlights the integration of marine sports with island resources. This fusion of culture, tourism, and sports not only offers a new business model for Shengsi’s marine economy but also sets a precedent for Zhejiang Province in exploring the transformation and upgrading of its marine industry.

Under the sunshine and gentle sea breeze, competing on a picturesque beach is a pleasant and wonderful experience, remarked one participant, who brought the family to Shengsi for a unique island vacation.

The 4th Zhejiang Ocean Games have successfully showcased the charm of Zhejiang’s marine culture, promoting a vibrant marine economy and positioning Shengsi as a premier destination for marine sports and tourism while providing a glimpse of the archipelago’s potential as a sports and leisure Mecca.


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