WordPress Is Not Just For Blogs Dammit!

I have been out and about networking a little bit more than normal over the last couple of weeks and I have noticed a bit of a common thread when I talk to people about WordPress (the CMS that we use for all of our clients at sennza). The majority of people who have heard of WordPress seem to react with the same answer: “But that’s just a blogging platform”. I want to put those rumours to bed in this post. I think this is a post that I might refer quite a lot of people to just so they can understand that WordPress IS a CMS (Content Management System)! Saying WordPress is only good for blogging is like saying Google are only good for searches!


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What makes WordPress a CMS?

In my opinion I believe that any content management system should have the following features:

  1. A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor
  2. The ability to easily add new pages to a web site
  3. Templating (To separate presentation from content)
  4. Versioning (So that you can track editing history)
  5. The ability to embed and attach various files (e.g. pdf, documents, images, video)

WordPress satisfies all of these criteria and above all excels in ease of use for the end user. I’ve worked with a hell of a lot of content management systems over the years. These include Joomla, DotNetNuke, Modx, Mambo and quite a few proprietary CMS for companies who I won’t mention. I hate thinking about the difficulty and confusion that I’ve experienced with all of these other CMS when it comes to teaching the client how to update their website. As a designer and developer I understood the systems but always used to dread the handover meetings where I would have to teach clients how to use their CMS. WordPress is so simple and easy to use that we can sometimes just send a client a username and a password and they work out how to update their own site without any training!!!

What can’t WordPress do?

In my opinion WordPress can do anything. That’s right, anything! Let’s have a look at some awesome uses for WordPress:

  1. eCommerce using plugins such as WP e-commerce or Shopp
  2. Social Networking using BuddyPress (e.g. Activity streams, groups, forums, friending, messaging)
  3. A searchable candidate database for recruiters Diva Recruitment (Disclaimer: The plugin for this site was developed from the ground up by our team).
  4. A Wiki (WordPress Wiki Theme)
  5. A business directory

Still not convinced? Let me show you some stats!

During a recent video from WordCamp San Francisco 2010 Matt Mullenweg (the founding developer of WordPress) updated us with some amazing stats on just how popular WordPress is on the internet today:

  • There have been 21 million downloads of WordPress just last year alone, this number is double that of the year before.
  • There have been 70 million downloads for Plugin’s and Theme on WordPress (this doesn’t include 3rd parties).
  • WordPress 3.0 has been downloaded 1.7 million times since it’s release on 17 June 2010. Check out the live download counter!
  • 8.5% of webpages on the internet use WordPress!

Lachlan pointed out to my a recent talk by Simon Sinek where he talked about the Law of Diffusion of Innovation.

The Law of Diffusions of Innovation talks about the adoption of new technology and what it takes to get to the tipping point before your technology is accepted as commonplace or the norm. If WordPress keeps up its current momentum (which everyone believes at sennza!) it will reach the tipping point at the 13.5% mark.


We’re very proud at sennza that all of our clients are not only innovators, they are always happy because of the ease of use of this CMS!

WordPress: You had me at hello!

I’ve been madly in love with WordPress since version 2.5. I still remember the day I first saw you WordPress, you were sitting lonely across the other side of the internet. I made my way through a sea of blog posts and after a few clicks and our eyes met. I’ll never forget that day. Not only did my design and development life suddenly get easier…my clients lives got easier. And with the recent release of WordPress 3.0 it’s easy to see why!

Edit: Matt posted a great link on his blog to the showcase on WordPress.org for all the sites tagged with CMS.