Don’t even mention “Outlook” and “Thunderbird”!

At sennza, we are more than happy to admit that our heads are in the clouds…I’m referring to cloud computing of course. We’re not airheads after all! At any given time any of our desktops, laptops or mobiles could blow up and we wouldn’t care too much because we know our data is safe as it’s “in the cloud”.

“Cloud computing” is a term that’s thrown around a lot in the geek world and many businesses are still behind the times with cloud computing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, cloud computing is basically software and storage that is hosted and maintained externally (wave goodbye to your Sys Admins). Usually you only need to use an internet browser to access the services and files, which of course means no more installing pesky programs on every computer that you use in your workplace. We take baby steps with our clients when it comes to cloud computing. The first step we take with clients is telling them to delete Outlook and Thunderbird! Needless to say the initial looks of shock and horror are quite humourous for us!

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WordPress Brisbane

There are WordPress meetups and WordCamps happening all around the world yet there doesn’t appear to be anything in the Brisbane area. A few people have tried to start a WordPress meetup around the Brisbane and Gold Coast area but they’ve never taken flight from the looks of it so the partners at sennza have got together and have organised the first monthly WordPress meetup in Brisbane.


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