TimThumb shoots, VaultPress saves!

Any of you who follow WordPress news sites or any WordPress geeks on Twitter will be well aware of the vulnerabilities that were found in the PHP image resizing script, TimThumb. TimThumb is being used in many free and premium WordPress themes so this vulnerability caused a bit of a stir around the place. I actually used the script on the current sennza WordPress theme because this theme was whipped up over 18 months ago very quickly and back then I hadn’t used WordPress inbuilt add_image_size which I’m using almost every day on clients sites these days.

Our blog uses VaultPress for backups and security and VaultPress were onto the vulnerability post haste. I’m often singing VaultPress’s praises on Twitter but I wanted to post on the record about just how amazing the VaultPress plugin and team are when it comes to backups and security! Read on to find out about yet another amazing VaultPress experience of mine!

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SEO’s watch out, Design is the next big ranking factor

Google has made more changes to its search algorithm in recents months than any other time I can remember,with the Panada update and the 4 corresponding revisions since Feb 2010.

I believe that all these things now mean one thing for SEO’s. Design now matters for search engine optimisation, and design will continue to matter more and more.