WordPress Security

Yesterday we had a call from someone that who had their WordPress website hacked and was in a panic to get it fixed ASAP.

For something that is easily avoidable this happens way to often. After getting in and fixing the website we were asked for a list of things to ensure this doesn’t happen again going forward, which made us realise, although there is some great documentation on this online, we don’t have a post about it on our blog.

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The Trouble With Sidebars/Widget Areas In WordPress

As I’m sure most of you are rather aware, I have been pro-WordPress as a CMS for a rather long time! I think the hardest thing for us as WordPress developers is working out a way to deal with different sidebar areas and page templates. The more sidebars we declare, the harder it is for the client to update.

I’m an avid fan of keeping things as simple to update as possible but as WordPress developers we tend to end up with a crazy amount of sidebars when a client clicks through to Appearance-> Widgets. Even a lot of WordPress frameworks end up with a crazy amount of widget areas! Sure “we” understand all the widget areas but the client doesn’t!

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Sennza – 2 Years In

Happy Birthday Sennza

I’m happy to announce that Sennza has now been in business for 2 years and it’s time for me to take a few minutes to reflect on what has happened since our first birthday. We’ve come a long way in the last year so I’ll do a “quick” list of some of our achievements:

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