WordPress Process Infographic


Website Strategy

We start by determining what you want your site to achieve. We factor in your goals, current branding, limitations, budget and offer recommendations for your ideal online solution.


We review your current website content and strip away any unnecessary information to get to the essence of what you want to achieve. We then generate an overview of each page for your site using wireframes (think of them as the building plans for your website). These are used so that you can visualise the layout of your site and you can then communicate any adjustments you may need.

Homepage Design Concept

Using this information, our team will then create two design variations based on your existing branding or logo. If you don’t have a logo, we can create one for you.

Expanded Page Concepts

Once you choose your preferred design, we then create mock ups of each page of your site and finalise the design.

Site Development

This is where your site is coded and the content and photos that you supply are incorporated into your site.

External Testing

After we’ve conducted our own internal testing, we will send you a link to a “staging” site that lets you see the fully functioning site. We then ask you to do your best to “break” the site and to test every feature. If you do happen to find any bugs, then we will fix them before your site goes live.

Final Approval & Going Live

Once you give the final approval to your site, it goes live.


You will fully train you in your site’s use, and provide you with detailed online training videos and a manual, covering every aspect of how to use and update your site. This means you always have training when and where you need it.

Ongoing Monitoring

This phase is often missed by web design firms. We will keep an eye on your site and provide you with metrics so you can see how your site is performing. We will also maintain regular back-ups of your site in case of disaster.